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Technical Parameter


Engine size: 500cc water cooled, 4-stroke

Ignition: CDI

Power: 32hp / 24kW / 6500rpm

Starter: electric


Speed:  90kmh

Fuel capacity: 4gal/ 20L

Drive train:

Transmission: automatic CVT 4x4   
with High/low range - reverse & park

Driveline: shaft drive & diff lock

Chassis and suspension:

Front suspension: independent dual A-arm with coil over shocks

Rear suspension: independent single A-arm with coil over shocks

Brakes, rim and tire:
Front brake: hydraulic disc
Rear brake: hydraulic disc
Front tire: 25 x 8-12
Rear tire: 25 x 10-12

OA dimensions (L x W x H): 3,000 x 1,660 x 1,510mm
OA weight: 398kg

Price $10,995 + 
dealer delivery charges.

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Demo model here is now fully tested
(early interest recomended)

Warranty is 12 months parts only on engine and chassis, 6 months on all other parts. (most buggies only come with a 3 month parts only).

Our warranty shows how confident the factory is in there design and engineering of this vehicle, think before you buy elseware.

Customer Feedback
We are a small company and just started, but we have imported few 500cc 4x4
buggies to Iceland and so fare they have lived up to all expectations.
As you can imagine we can put the 4x4 in good use her in Iceland.
it has good quality for Chinese buggy. The suspension could be softer and longer and the engine might have more power, but im sure we can increase the power with jetting etc:
But i notice now there is a gas shock option
The 4x4 works fine and the buggy are very tough off-road. I have driven it in
snow and over few mountains along with ATV´s and it can climb more then an ATV.

I hope this helps you.
I send few picture of the buggy here from Iceland.

Best regards
Arnar Olason


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                                                      Baja 500cc 4x4 Buggy

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Designed by performance enthused engineers in America, the outcome is a superior handling, easy to drive, and reliable vehicle which will bring a ton of satisfaction to anyone experiencing the ride. Driving this buggy is enjoyable and exciting with its all around fully independant double A arm suspension delivering exceptional suspension travel and handling.
The buggy is powered by a Suzuki designed CFmoto engine. Using these high quality motors and their US designed vehicles, they package a well researched, proven reliable, and serviceable product.

Interesting Facts

Well as of yet there not to much to wright about as we haven't received our buggies yet, should be in july, but we are very excited about this model, we already know the engine well as its used in our 4x4 utility vehicle and is fitted to the cf moto 4x4 atv which is sold all around the world, but im sure it will be more exciting in a buggy and much sportier, in the usa the 4x4 UTV market is massive and theres no reason why this won't catch on here, so keep looking back for the latest news on this eciting new product.

baja500 baja500
baja500 baja500dash
baja500 baja500snow